Red Yucca Varieties

Red Yucca   Hesperaloe parviflora  is a versatile, evergreen shrubby perennial that is adapted to most areas in Texas. It is tolerant of alkaline to acid soils, sun, part sun or shade and while very drought tolerant it will also tolerate seasonally wet soils as long as the soil is well drained. They are winter hardy to   -20°F which makes them especially suitable for planting in pots in Central Texas. Coral to salmon-pink flowers appear on 6’ tall bloom stalks several times throughout the summer and are hummingbird magnets! Unfortunately the deer consider the flowers to be a delicacy, so don’t expect to see blooms if you live in deer country. Plants grow slowly to 3’-4’ tall and wide and are typically long-lived. Zone 5


Yellow Sun Hesperaloe   Hesperaloe parviflora ‘Yellow Sun’     This yellow blooming selection of our native Red Yucca grows to 3’-4’ tall and wide. Its yellow blooms appear on 5’ bloom stalks, rising high above the foliage. Grow in full to part sun in well drained soil. Zone 5




Yellow Hesperaloe   Hesperaloe parviflora ‘Yellow’   A yellow selection of the common Red Yucca that has all the traits of the parent plant. Growing to 3’-4’ tall and wide it is hardy to Zone 5.




Giant Hesperaloe   Hesperaloe funifera     Bold, erect growth reaches 6’ high in this Hesperaloe with stiff, narrow green leaves. Its leaf margins have white stringlike fibers that give a unique look to this plant. While its greenish white flowers, held 12’-15’ high above the foliage are not showy, they do attract pollinators such as bats and hummingbirds. Grow in full sun and well drained soil. Hardy to Zone 6 or 0°F.

Little Giant Hesperaloe    Hesperaloe funifera ‘LittleGiant’  PP35283

This hybrid between Giant Hesperaloe and Red Yucca produced a dwarf version of the stiffly upright Giant Hesperaloe with pink blooms. Growing to 4’ tall and wide, it prefers full sun and well drained soil.



Brake Lights Red Yucca   Yucca parviflora ‘Perpa’   A compact version of the native Red Yucca with bright red blooms. It rarely forms seedpods, which means a prolonged flowering season over the summer. Excellent for planting in pots as it is slow growing and hardy to -10°F.




Stoplight Red Yucca    Hesperaloe parviflora ‘Stoplights’   This dwarf Red Yucca is a compact variety that grows slowly to 2’ tall and wide and has bright red tubular flowers. Deer relish the flowers, so plant behind a fence if possible!  Great for small yards and pots. Zone 5, -20°F.



Desert Dusk Hesperaloe  Hesperaloe parviflora ‘MSWNPERMA’

This 3’ x 3’ Mountain States Nursery introduction has unique maroon flowers on upright, compact flower spikes. Prefers full to part sun and well drained soil. Zone 5, -20°F






Pink Parade Hesperaloe   Hesperaloe x ‘Perfu’  PP21728    This hybrid between H. parviflora and H. funifera has the best traits of both parents. Bright green, still leaves form a clump 3’-4’ tall and wide. The 8’ tall flower spike remains straight and has medium pink blooms that attract hummingbirds. Grow in full sun in well drained soil. Zone 5



Ruby Red Hesperaloe  Hesperaloe parviflora ‘Ruby’    This selection of Red Yucca has long stalks of ruby-red flowers in the summer. Slow growing to 3’-4’ tall and wide. Grows best in full to part sun in well drained soil. Zone 5

Desert Flamenco®  Hesperaloe    Hesperaloe parviflora Desert Flamenco®   This selection of our native Red Yucca grows to about 30” tall and wide. Its tall flower spikes have lots of side branching compared to Red Yucca which makes for a brilliant display of pinkish-orange flowers. It produces very little seed which allows for n extended bloom time. Grow in full sun and well drained soil. Zone 5



Lionheart® Hesperaloe   Hesperaloe campanulate ‘MSWNNuevoLeon’ PP32609   This selection was chosen for its sturdy, upright flower spike to 10’ tall. The deep pink buds open to white centers. Its erect leaves grow to 3’-4’ tall and wide. Grow in full sun to part shade in well drained soil. Hardy to 0°F