Is it an Agave or Manfreda?

It’s both! A cross between an Agave daddy and a Manfreda mama produces a new hybrid called x Mangave. (The “x” tells you that it is a cross between different genera.)

Thankfully, it is polycarpic like its mama, not monocarpic like the Agave, so it does not die after blooming. That is a good thing, because it produces bizarre flowers that hummingbirds absolutely love!

It has inherited an aversion to winter moisture from both parents, so well- drained soil or container growing is a must. Keep soil dry in the winter. It is also quite drought tolerant, so you should plant it with other xeric plants. Thriving in full to part sun, the colors will be brighter in the sun.

Many varieties are winter-hardy in Central Texas but be sure to check the hardiness zone before planting in the ground. Some are less winter-hardy and should be planted in containers.