After the Freeze 2021

Freeze Damage to Plants I am sure everyone is anxious to know what damage the extreme cold temperatures have done to our landscapes. Unfortunately, it is too early to tell in most cases. You will hear me repeat this, I am certain, but “time will tell”. I know it is difficult to have patience, but because there are so many factors that can influence how a plant might be affected, that is exactly what we will have to do. Try to get used to the “ugly landscape”, as we really [...]


Is it an Agave or Manfreda? It’s both! A cross between an Agave daddy and a Manfreda mama produces a new hybrid called x Mangave. (The “x” tells you that it is a cross between different genera.) Thankfully, it is polycarpic like its mama, not monocarpic like the Agave, so it does not die after blooming. That is a good thing, because it produces bizarre flowers that hummingbirds absolutely love! It has inherited an aversion to winter moisture from both parents, so well- drained soil or container growing is a [...]

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Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus  Schlumbergera bridgestii   "True" Christmas Cactus are seldom found for sale around the holidays. Their leaf segments are smooth and scalloped, and the branches hang down like a pendant. The plant is more brittle than the Thanksgiving Cactus, which makes it more difficult to ship. Thanksgiving Cactus  Schlumbergera truncata  This is the plant that you will most likely find for sale around the holidays being sold as a "Christmas Cactus". The leaves are not scalloped like the "true" Christmas Cactus, but have have pointed "hooks" which distinguish them from their close cousins. [...]

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