Lantana Flower Gall Mite

  Have you seen deformed growth at the tips of your Lantana branches this summer? If so, your plant may be infested with a mite called the Lantana Flower Gall Mite.  This microscopic mite breeds inside the developing flower buds, stunting vegetative growth and preventing flowering and seed production. The distorted growth appears as a "witches broom" at the location of the tips of the branches where the flowers usually appear. This mite is destructive to ornamental plantings of Lantana in the landscape and affects the seed availability for birds.  [...]

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Elaeagnus species

Elaeagnus species (aka Silverberry)     This 10’ x 10’ sprawling evergreen shrub is easily kept pruned to maintain size and shape. It is often grown as a hedge or barrier. Grow this large shrub in full sun, part sun or light shade. It requires regular irrigation to establish but survives on weekly watering even in the hot summers.         Fragrant, creamy-white flowers appear in the fall and are followed by small brownish-red edible fruit which ripens in the spring. Elaeagnus is fairly deer resistant once established [...]

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