Planting a Grow Bag Texas Mountain Laurel





MEASURE from the bottom of the bag to the top of the soil. (NOT to the top of the bag)








DIG a hole that is about two inches shallower than the measurement of the soil depth.







TURN the bag on its side and cut the bottom off the bag with a sharp knife.









PLACE the grow bag in the prepared hole. The top of the soil in the bag should be about two inches above the soil line.





ROTATE the plant to the desired orientation while the grow bag is still on the root ball.




CUT the side of the grow bag and remove it gently from the root ball.







FILL in around the root ball with a mixture of native soil mixed with a small amount of compost.








BUILD  a berm around the outside of the planting hole with the leftover soil.








MULCH the berm and the top of the root ball. Do not allow the mulch to touch the trunks of the tree.

WATER the tree in.

Good Job! You are done!

Thank you, Rick Halsell for showing us the proper planting method!