Corn Gluten Meal is a by-product of the corn milling process.  It is an Organic alternative to chemical pre-emergent, and doubles as a slow-release Nitrogen source with about 10% N by weight. It is the best choice if you live near the lake or other water source.

Again, timing is critical in order to realize the best results possible. With corn gluten meal, the wet/dry period must be managed carefully, AND, the product must also be applied BEFORE the weed emerges from the seed!

Corn gluten meal works by inhibiting root formation in germinating seeds.  Weeds germinate and form a short, bent root. A short drying period is required after germination so the root does not develop after emerging. Too much water following germination may allow the weed root to recover and grow again.


IMPORTANT: You must apply about 1/2” of water at the time of application to activate the Corn Gluten Meal. The lawn MUST BE KEPT DRY for 4-5 days after application, so check the forecast and turn off the sprinklers. Any water applied within this time period will negate the effects of the corn gluten on emerging seedlings.

Ideally, corn gluten meal should be applied to lawns and beds in mid-September to early October in Central Texas. The recommended rate is 20#/ 1000 sq.ft. (Do not use the recommendation of 10#/1000 sq. ft. that is on the bag) Using the product at the higher rate ensures better control. Using corn gluten for several seasons will give better control in the long term.