Treat Italian Cypress NOW!

I’ve often mentioned that we have these “windows” for controlling insects and diseases on plants. For those of you who have Italian Cypress planted in your landscape, don’t miss this opportunity to apply dormant oil to prevent spider mites from infesting your plants this spring. I have had great success with one application of All-Season’s Spray Oil in February/March on Italian Cypress to suppress this damaging insect which often shows up in March. There are a few guidelines to go by for successful results:

  • Temperatures must be between 45-85 degrees.
  • Humidity must be low to allow “fast-drying” conditions
  • There must not be a freeze expected within 72 hours.
  • Only one spray per month is recommended.
  • Try for a day with calm winds.
  • Coverage MUST BE THOROUGH! You have one chance to cover every nook and cranny with this oil. Under the above conditions, it dries quickly and suffocates the insect. Because insects cannot be resistant to suffocation like they may be to chemicals, you can take care of this common problem with Italian Cypress with a simple, low toxicity spray.



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