Poinsettias are such a symbol of the Holidays, and can be kept fresh-looking longer with just a few easy care instructions.

Locate your Poinsettia close to a bright window if possible. The bracts will continue to “color up” with sufficient light. If you are satisfied with the color, you may display the plant in a darker area, but be aware that the color might fade.

Check the soil daily for water. When the surface of the soil is dry to the touch, or if the pot feels light, remove it from the foil cover and water it well by placing it in a sink and watering thoroughly. Do not allow the plant to sit in water, as rotting of the roots will occur. Do not use softened water.

Deeping the plant at a temperature of 65-75 degrees during the daylight hours will extend the beauty of the bracts. Do not allow the temperature to go below 60 degrees, and locate the plant away from heating vents, fireplaces, or anything that would contribute to low humidity.

After the holidays, your Poinsettia can be reflowered, but will require a yearlong schedule of care. Watch for a future blog addressing this subject.