Soooooo many calls the past two weeks about “creepy crawlies” on lawn grasses! What is going on, and what can we do about it?

Many lawns were visited a month or so ago by hoards of 1-inch-wide tan or mottled gray moths. The moths laid eggs and the Armyworms have hatched! The rains last month gave these pests the conditions they needed to reproduce and cause rapid damage to lawns. Typically, these Armyworm larvae feed and are most active at night and on overcast days. In daylight, they will hide in the soil near the grass roots. Bacillis thurengiensis, or Bt, and Spinosad, are organic biological insecticides that are fairly effective in controlling Armyworms. If infestations are at a level of 4-5 larvae per sq.ft. of lawn, you might consider using a chemical insecticide for rapid knockdown. Come in to Backbone Valley Nursery, and we will be happy to recommend an appropriate treatment.