ZZ Plant

Zamioculcas zamiifolia

 The ZZ plant is an Aroid from eastern Africa which survived extinction caused by drastic changes in the climate. It is found in dry forest regions, often growing on rocks. It survives the droughts because of its fleshy stems, thick waxy leaves and huge tubers at the plant base. ZZ plants have the ability to store tremendous amounts of water in their tubers, therefore, caution should be taken not to over water them.  All of these characteristics can allow the ZZ Plant to go months without water.

ZZ plants are known to tolerate low light conditions, but should be rotated to medium light periodically to keep them looking good. 

Water consumption will vary based on available light, relative humidity and location in relation to air vents.  A good rule of thumb for watering is to water once a month.  Do not allow your ZZ plant to sit in excess water.

Also known as the “Eternity Plant” , as some believe the ZZ plant has magical powers, bringing love and fortune to those who give or receive it.  It is said to have been a very popular wedding gift to couples embarking on their journey of life together as one.