African Violet Care

African violets do best in bright, indirect light.  A North window or a shaded East window is usually best.  The correct lighting can be the difference between success and failure with African violets. Fluorescent lights are also good, as long as the violets are not too far from them. If they are too close, you will see stunting of new foliage. If they are too far, the leaves will grow “up”. Use an adjustable lighting system so that you can control the distance from the plants. Putting the light on [...]

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Christmas Cactus vs. Thanksgiving Cactus vs. Easter Cactus

Christmas cactus and Thanksgiving Cactus are tropical plants native to the rainforests of Brazil. They grow in similar environments as epiphytic orchids, in the forks of tree limbs, where they grow in decayed leaves and other natural debris that accumulates there. The flattened stem segments have no true leaves. The shapes of the segments differ in each species, which aids in identification. Easter Cactus also grows in forests in Brazil, but in drier forests than the Christmas and Thanksgiving Cactus. They are not considered tropical plants and their care will [...]

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