Tomato Variety Sheet


Variety Days to Maturity Determinate/Indeterminate Fruit Type Notes
Beefmaster 70 Determinate Large, 18-32oz VFN
Beefsteak 96 Indeterminate Large, 16-32oz
Better Boy 78 Indeterminate Large, 16oz VFN
Better Bush 72 Determinate Medium, 8oz
BHN 444 75 Determinate Large

, 10oz

Indeterminate Large, 16-20oz
Big Boy 78 Indeterminate Large, 16-20oz
Big Beef 73 Indeterminate Large, 12-16oz VFNT
Black Krim* 65-90 Indeterminate Large, 10-12oz Red/Black, Very Sweet
Brandywine* 88 Indeterminate Large, 12oz
Bush Celebrity 67 Determinate Medium, 8oz
Bush Early Girl 63 Determinate Medium, 6oz
Caspian Pink* 80 Indeterminate Large, 12oz
Celebrity 70 Semi-Determinate Medium, 8oz All American Award, VFNT
Champion 62 Determinate Large, 12oz Grown for over 100 years, VFNT
Cherokee Purple* 62 Indeterminate Large, 16oz
Early Girl 52 Indeterminate Medium, 6oz
Fourth of July 49 Indeterminate Medium, 4oz
German Jonson* 80 Indeterminate Large, 18oz Pink Flesh/Crack Resistant
Heatwave 68 Determinate Medium, 7oz Great for Southern Heat
Homestead* 80 Determinate Medium, 8oz Great for Southern Heat
Jubilee Yellow* 80 Determinate Medium, 8oz AAS Winner – Low Acid
Lemon Boy 72 Indeterminate Medium, 7oz Bright Lemon Yellow, VFN
Marglobe* 77 Determinate Medium, 9oz
Mortgage Lifter* 85 Indeterminate Large, 16-32oz
Mountain Pride 77 Determinate Medium, 8oz Crack Resistant, VF
Oxheart* 80 Indeterminate Large, 16oz Pink Flesh/Heart Shaped
Park’s Whopper Improved 65 Indeterminate Large, 12oz VFNT
Phoenix Heat Set 65 Determinate Large, 12oz Crack Resistant
Pineapple 85 Indeterminate Large, 16-32oz Yellow w/Red Marbling
Porter Improved 90 Indeterminate Medium, 4oz Great for Southern Heat
Rutgers* 74 Determinate Medium, 7oz
Solarfire 73 Determinate Large, 10oz Very Heat Tolerant
Solarset 74 Indeterminate Medium, 9oz Very Heat Tolerant
Striped German* 78 Indeterminate Large, 12oz Yellow and Red Striped
Sunmaster 72 Determinate Medium, 7oz Very Heat Tolerant
Super Fantastic 70 Indeterminate Medium, 9oz
Tycoon 60 Determinate Large, 10oz Texas Superstar
                                                                                             Small Fruit Varieties
Variety Days to Maturity Determinate/Indeterminate Fruit Type Notes
Juliet 60 Indeterminate Grape AAS Winner
La Roma* 76 Determinate Paste 5-8oz, Sauces
Little Porter* 65 Determinate Large Cherry Great for Southern Heat
Patio 70 Determinate Cherry Great in Containers, VF
Red Cherry* 65 Indeterminate Cherry
Red Grape 60 Indeterminate Grape Crack Resistant
San Marzano* 70-80 Indeterminate Paste Best for Sauces
Sun Gold 56 Indeterminate Cherry
Supersweet 100 55 Indeterminate Cherry VF
Yellow Pear* 75 Determinate Pear Low Acidity
*Indicates Heirloom Varieties


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