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Crape Myrtle Varieties

Ebony & Ivory (aka Black Diamond 'White')White10-12'Striking white blooms with contrasting black foliage. Good fall color. Mildew resistant. Drought tolerant.
NatchezWhite20-30'Crape Myrtle with high mildew resistance and glossy dark green leaves. Heavy bloom clusters cause the tree to appear to "weep". Vibrant orange-red fall color. Attractive cinnamon-colored exfoliating bark. 
MuskogeeLight Lavender20-30'Broad tall tree. High mildew resistance. Glossy green leaves. Red-orange fall color. Attractive exfoliating bark. 
CatawbaViolet Purple10-20'Darkest purple crape myrtle. Upright growth habit. Red-orange fall color. Good mildew resistance. Average exfoliating bark. 
ZuniLight Lavender10-12'Globose form. High mildew resistance. Red-orange fall color. Good exfoliating bark. 
Princess JadenLavender1'-2'x1'-2'This slow grower reaches only 1'-2' tall and wide, and is perfect for borders or narrow plantings. The lavender flowers appear summer through fall. Leaves turn copper to reddish-purple in the fall.
Velma's Royal DelightMagenta-Purple6'-8'Large arching clusters of magent-purple flowers last for an extra-long bloom time in the summer. Upright, compact growth habit to 6'-8'.
Grape BeliniPurple-mauve3'-4'With a dwarf, mounding habit to 3'-4' tall and wide, this Crape Myrtle is highly reisitant to Powdery Mildew. Looks great in groupings or masses. 
Black Diamond 'Purely Purple'Vibrant Purple10'-12'Vibrant purple blooms contrast against dark, almost black foliage, which holds its color spring to fall. High resistance to mildew.
TwilightDark Purple20'-30'Prolific bloomer with upright branching habit. One of the darkest purples available.
Ebony Flame (aka Black Diamond 'red')Red10-15'Vibrant, dark red flowers contrast with black foliage. Mildew resistant. Heat tolerant. Holds color through summer. 
Double Feature Ruby-Red6'-8'Wine-red foliage with ruby-red blooms forms the "double-feature"' on this colorful Crape Myrtle. Forming almost a perfect ball, it grows to 6'-8' tall and wide.
VictorDeep Watermelon Red5'Upright dwarf variety. Exfoliating bark. Red-orange fall color. Good mildew resistance. 
Siren RedOxblood Red10'-15'New growth is wine, then quickly changes to green. The darkest red blooms yet. Grows to 15' tall and 8' wide.
DynamiteDark Cherry Red20'+Upright growth habit with dark red flowers. Good mildew resistance. Glossy green leaves. 
Red RocketDark Cherry Red20'+Fast growing upright growth habit. Holds blooms above foliage. High mildew resistance. Glossy green leaves.
Princess Holly AnnCherry Red3'x3'Leaves emerge a copper-red in spring, turning dark green in summer and purple-red in fall. Cherry-red flowers appear summer through fall. A mounding grower to 3' tall and wide.
Black Diamond 'Best Red' aka 'Ebony Flame'Dark Cherry Red10-15'Vibrant, dark red flowers contrast on black foliage. Mildew resistant. Heat tolerant. Holds color through summer. 
TuscaroraDeep Coral Pink20-25'Fast Growing. Highly resistant to powdery mildew and leaf spotting. Beautiful red-orange foliage in the fall. Excellent exfoliating cinnamon brown bark. 
TontoDark Pink to Red8-12'Bright maroon fall foliage with high mildew resistance. Globose compact form. Attractive exfoliating bark.
Ebony GlowBlush Pink, almost White10'-12'Intense, black leaves contrast with the almost white blooms on this release by the U.S. National Arboretum. Blooms summer through fall.
Princess KylieMagenta3'-4'Perfect for mass plantings, this moderate grower reaches 3'-4' tall and wide. Magenta flowers appear summer through fall. A drought-resistant variety.
Princess ZoeyRed and Pink4'-5'Red and pink flowers adorn this plant from summer to fall. The dark green leaves turn reddish-purple in the fall. 
Princess LylaRose-pink1'-2'Rose-pink flowers bloom from summer to fall on this dimunitative Crape Myrtle. Reaching only 1'-2' tall and wide, it is perfect for containers or borders. Dark green leaves turn gold in the fall.
PocomokeRose-pink2'-3-A "true dwarf" Crape Myrtle released by the U.S. Arboretum, Pocomoke has dark green foliage topped with rose-pink flowers from mid-summer to fall.
Rhapsody in PinkSoft Pink10'-15'A vigorous grower with dark wine colored new growth and soft pink flowers. Drought tolerant and mildew resistant. Prolonged flowering season due to new flower buds being formed on old flower panicles.
Pink VelourBright Neon Pink10-20'Upright fast growing cultivar. Dark orange fall color. Fair mildew resistance.
Black Diamond 'Mystic Magenta'Magenta10'-12'Magenta blooms contrast with dark, almost black foliage on this striking tree.

Ornamental Grasses

Gulf Coast Muhly Muhlenbergia capillaris3'3'Zn 6Striking purplish pink plumes adorn this grass in the fall. It will grow in sun to part shade and is drought-resistant once established. 
Big Muhly/Lindheimer Muhly Muhlenbergia lindheimeri3'-4'3'-4'Zn 6Summer-blooming Big Muhly puts out white vertical plumes on a 6' stalk. A clumping blue-green grass, it will also give a nice color contrast in the landscape. It does well in full sun and is drought resistant once established. 
Pink Flamingo Muhly Muhlenbergia x 'Pink Flamingo'4'-5'2'Zn 6This hybrid progeny of Pink Muhly and Big Muhly combines the best of both parents. A narrow, upright form with blue-green leaves, blooming in fall with pink plumes in dramatic arches. Ideal for narrrow spaces.
Mexican Feathergrass Nasella tenuissima1'-2'1'-2'Zn 6Bright green fine-textured leaves, great in mass planting. Golden summer plumes. Requires well-drained soil and will tolerate some shade.
Ruby Crystal/Savannah Ruby Grass Rychelytrum roseum18" 1'Zn 9Bluish-green leaves sport airy rose-pink flowers May-September. Plant in protected location and mulch roots in winter.
Pampas Grass Cortaderia selloana8'-10'8'-10'Zn 7Large grass used often as screening. Tall white plumes appear late July thru August and persist into winter. Prefers fertile, well-drained soil.
Dwarf Pampas Grass 'Jet Stream' Cortaderia selloana 'Pumila'4'-6'4'-6'Zn 7Smaller that regular Pampas Grass and suited for smaller gardens. All blooms are female and very showy from Aug. thru winter.
Bamboo Muhly Grass Muhlenbergia dumosa6'4'-6'Zn 8Light green, wispy foliage looks stunning planted en masse, as wind makes graceful waves of the foliage. Extremely heat and drought resistant.
Purple Fountain Grass Pennisetum setaceum 'Rubrum'4'3'-4'Zn 9Purple leaves with reddish-purple plumes that emerge in June. Great contrast in landscape. Tolerates poor soils but needs regular irrigation. 
'Princess Caroline' Napier Grass Pennisetum hybrid4'-6'3'-4'Zn 8aWith wide, dark purple leaves, this dramatic looking grass may be a good substitute for the less winter-hardy Purple Fountain Grass. Although it does not bloom in Central Texas, it comes back strong from the roots in the spring.

Deer Resistant Plants (No Guarantees!)

PlantExposureHeight x widthEvergreen or Decid.Comments
AgaritaSun/Part sun3'-6' x 4'-6'EEdible red berrries
Agave, variousSun/Part suncheck varietyEBucks may damage with antlers
Ajuga, variousShade6" x 1'SemiProtect when young, not reliable
Angel's Trumpet, DaturaSun4' x 4'AnnualRe-seeding annual
Angel's Trumpet, BrugmansiaSun/Part sun6' x 5'TropicalProtect in winter
Artemesia, Powis CastleSun/Part sun2' x 4'-6'SemiPrune before new growth starts in spring
AspidistraShade3' x 3'ELoves "dry" shade
BarberrySun/Part sunvaries DNeeds well-drained soils
Bottlebrush, Woodlander's HardySun4'-5' x 4'-5'EHardy to Zone 7
Boxwood, variousSun/Part suncheck varietyE
Butterfly Vine, YellowSun/Part sun10'-12' vineSemiAggressive grower
Candelilla, Wax PlantSun1 1/2'' x 3'EVery Drought resistant
Catmint, Walker's LowSun/Part sun1' x 3'ETidy plant
Cholla, TreeSun3'-9- x 3'-6'EHot pink blooms in spring
Coral Bean, GiantSun10' x 10'DRed blooms al summer
Cotoneaster, GrayleafSun4' x 4'EDeer browse new growth
Crinum LilySun/Part sun3' x 4'DSpring blooms
Daisy, Copper CanyonSun4' x 4'DFall bloomer, mainly
Daisy, EuryopsSun3' x 3'SemiNot reliably winter hardy
DamianitaSun1' x 1'ETrim new growth to keep compact
Dusty MillerSun/Part sun1' x 1'ENice for border
EleagnusSuncheck varietyEMay browse new growth
EsperanzaSuncheck varietyDNot deer resistant in all areas
Fern, FoxtailSun/Part sun3' x 3'SemiNot deer resistant in all areas
Fern, HollyShade3' x 3' ENot deer resistant in all areas
Fig, CreepingSun/Part sun3" x 20'SemiDo not put on wood walls
Flax Lily, VariegatedSun/Shade2' x 2'SemiGreat for shade color
Germander, CreepingSun6" x 3'SemiDrought resistant
Firebush, Mexican and Lime SizzlerSun/Part suncheck varietyDZone 9, plant on S. side
Germander, Silver BushSun4' x 4'EDrought resistant
Gopher PlantSun2' x 4'EBlooms in February
Grasses, variousSuncheck varietyDCut back in late Feb.
Guava, PineappleSun/Part sunEPrefers enriched, acid soil
Holly, Dwf YauponSun/Part sunsee noteEEat new growth, keep pruned
Iris, BicolorSun/Part sun4' x 4'SemiDivide every 3-5 years
Jasmine, AsianSun/Part sun1' x 3'EMust get established
Jerusalem SageSun4' x 4'EDeadhead unusual yellow blooms
Juniper, Blue PointSun12' x 8'EMay be browsed
Juniper, Green MoundSun1' x 6'EGreat under Crape Myrtles
Juniper, TaylorSun30' x 3'ESub for Italian Cypress
Lamb's EarsSun/Part sun1 1/2' x 3'DBiennial
LantanaSun4' x 4'DMay browse in drought
LavenderSuncheck varietyENeeds well-drained soils
Lenten Rose HelleboreShadecheck varietySemiGreat for dry shade
Leopard Plant, GiantShade3' x 3'SemiLarge leaves
Lomandra, Platinum BeautySun/Part sun2' x 3'ENice variegated variety
Loropetalum, variousSun/Part suncheck varietyEMay not be deer resistant in all locations
Magnolia, Southern varietiesSuncheck varietyEAdapts to many soil types
Mahonia, LeatherleafSun/Part sun5'-7' x 2'-3'EUnusual form
Mist Flower, Blue ShadeShade/Part Sun1' x 6'DGive it room to grow, likes moisture
Mist Flower, Gregg's Blue Sun/Part sun2' x 6'DButterfly magnet, spreads
Moss Verbena (V. tenuisecta)Sun8" x 2'-3'DMore resistant than hybrids
Nandina, variousSun/Part suncheck varietyEMay browse new growth
New Gold/Chapel Hill LantanaSun2' x 6'DChapel Hill more winter hardy
OleanderSunSemiAll parts toxic
Orange Zest CestrumSun/Shade6' x 6'SemiBlooms all summer
Oregano, ItalianSun/Part sun1' x 3'EGreat evergreen perennnial
Oregano, MexicanSun4' x 4'SemiUse in cooking
Palm, Mediterranean FanSun8'-10' x 15'EGreat for screening
Palm, SagoSun/Part sun6'-8' x 6'-8'SemiAll parts toxic
Palm, Texas SabalSun35'-50' tallESlow growing
Palm, WindmillSun25'-30' x 8'-10'ESlow growing,narrow trunk
Osmanthus, Sweet OliveSun/Part sun10' x 6'-8'EFragrant, not always reliable
Philodendron selloumShade8' x 8'TropicalProtect in winter
PlumbagoSun/Part sun3'-4' x 3'-4'DMay not be deer resistant in all areas
Pride of BarbadosSun 8' x 8'DBe patient-it comes back late
RosemarySuncheck varietyEUpright and Prostrate varieties
Russian SageSuncheck varietyDGreat for upright growth
Sage, TexasSuncheck varietyEMay browse in drought
Salvia greggiiSun3' x 3'EVariety of colors
Salvia, Henry Duelberg Sun3' x 3'DGreat performer
Salvia, Mealy Blue SageSun1 1/2' x 1 1/2'DTexas native
Salvia, Mexican Bush SageSuncheck varietyDMostly fall bloomer
Salvia, Mystic Spires Sun/Part sun3' x 3'DGreat for butterflies
Santolina, Green or GraySun1' x 3'ENice low evergreen perennial
Sedge, variousPart sun/shadecheck varietyEReplacement for turf in small areas
Senna, CommonSun6'-8' x 6'SemiShort-lived small tree
Skullcap, PinkSun1' x 3'EMay browse when newly planted
Society GarlicSun1' x 1'SemiDo not plant by front door!
Spider LilySun/Part sun8"-24" tallDMany varieties available
Texas Bird of ParadiseSun6' x 6'DSmall deciduous tree
ThryallisSun6' x 6'SemiMay browse when young
ThymeSun/Part suncheck varietyELow-growing
Viburnum, SandankwaSun/Part sun6' x 4'ENot deer resistant in all areas
Vinca major (Green or Variegated)Shade1' x 4'EControl leaf tier caterpillars
Vitex, Beach Sun/Part sun2' x 6'DSpreads rapidly
Vitex, Chaste TreeSun25' x 25'DGive it room to grow
Wax Myrtle, SouthernSun15' x 8'ENot drought resistant
Wooly Butterfly BushSun4' x 4'EOrange marble-sized blooms
Wooly StemodiaSun8" x 5'DDrought Resistant
Yesterday, Today and TomorrowPart Sun3' x 3'DZone 9 Protect in winter
Yew, JapaneseSun/Part sun15'-20' x 3'-4'ENot deer resistant in all areas
Yucca, variousSun/Part suncheck varietyEDeer eat flowers 

Native Perennial Color for Hot Texas Summers 

Blackfoot Daisy (Melampodium leucanthum: Zone 5, 1’ x 3’, sun (AZ,TX,Mex.) EV 

Copper Canyon Daisy (Tagetes lemmonii)*: Zone 8, 3’-4’ x 3’-4’, (SW TX, Mex.) H 

Damianita (Chrysactinia Mexicana)*: Zone 6, 1’-2’ x1’-2’, (TX Hill Country) EV 

Autumn Sage (Salvia greggii)*: Zone 6, 3’-4’ x3’-4’, (SW TX into Mex.) EV 

Datura (Datura wrightii)*: Zone 9, 3’-6’ x3’-6’, (CA,NM,TX) Reseeding annual 

Esperanza (Tecoma stans)*: Zone 8b, size depends on variety, (AZ,FL,NM,TX) H 

Gaura (Gaura Lindheimeri): Zone 5, 3’x3’, (TX,LA), H 

Gregg’s Mistflower (Conoclinium greggii)*: Zone 7a, 2’-3’ x ?, (AZ,NM,TX) H 

Four Nerve Daisy (Tetraneuris scaposa): Zone 5a, 1’ x1’, (TX,OK,CO,IL,NM) E 

Texas Lantana (Lantana urticoides)*: Zone 8, 3’-6’, (TX,LA,MS Mex.) H 

Purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea): Zone 4, 1’-3” x 18”, (E. and Central N. America), H 

Rock Rose (Pavonia lasiopetala): Zone 8, 3’ x3’, (TX,Edwards Plateau to Mex.) H 

Cedar Sage (Salvia roemeriana): Zone 7a, 1’x1’, (Central and West TX to Mex.) H 

Mealy Blue Sage (Salvia farinacea)*: Zone 7a, 1 ½” x 1 ½’, (TX,NM OK To FL) H 

Flame Acanthus (Anisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightii)*: Zone 7, 3’-5’, (Edwards Plateau), Deciduous Shrub. 

Calylophus (Square Bud Primrose) (Calylophus berlandieri): Zone 5, 1’x2’-3’, (TX,OK,LA,NM to Mex.) Deciduous 

Turk’s Cap (Malvaviscus arboreus var. Drummondii): Zone 7, 3’-5’ or more, Central TX to Fl, south to Mex) H 

Wooly Stemodia (Stemodia tomentosa)*: Zone 8, 1’ x 2’-3’ or more, (coastal regions of TX and Mexico), H 

Silver Ponyfoot (Dichondra argentea): Zone 9 , 6”x6’, (Texas and Mexico), E to H 

Adaptive Perennial Color for Hot Texas Summers 

Pride of Barbados (Caesalpinia pulcherrima)*: Zone 8, 8’x8’, (W. Indies and subtropics of the Americas), H 

Tropical Milkweed ( Asclepias currasavica): Zone 8, 3’x2’, (S.Central, Central America), H re-seeds 

Firecracker Fern (Russellia equisetiformis): Zone 9, 4’-5’x4’-5’, (Mexico Guatemala) H 

Mexican Firebush (Hamelia patens)*: Zone 8, Compact gets 2’-3’, Standard to 5’, (S. Central America) H 

Jerusalem Sage (Phlomis fruticosa)*: Zone 6, 4’x4’, (Greece, Italy, Turkey) E 

Mexican Bush Sage (Salvia leucanthe)*: Zone 8, 3’-5’, ‘Santa Barbara’ is dwarf version at 2’-3’,(Central and Eastern Mexico) H 

Russian Sage (Perovaskia atriciplifolia)*: Zone 4, 4’x4’, dwarf versions are 2’x2’, (Afghanistan) H 

Society Garlic (Tulbaghia violcea)*: Zone 7, 1 ½’x1 ½’, (S. Africa), E to H 

Mexican Oregano (Poliomintha longiflora)*: Zone 8, 3’-4’x3’-4’, (SW US), E to H 

Pink Skullcap (Scutellaria suffrutescens)*: Zone 7, 1’x3’, (N. Mex.), E 

Creeping Germander (Teucrium cossonii)*: Zone 8, 6”x2’-3’, (Mediterranean), E to H 

Globe Mallow (Sphaeralcea ambigua): Zone 8, 2’-3’x2’-3’, (SW US, NW Mex.) E to H 

Green or Gray Santolina (Santolina chamaecyparissus)*: Zone 6, 1’x3’, Mediterranean, E 

Upright or Prostrate Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)*: Zone 8, upright ‘Arp’ to zone 7, Prostrate less hardy. Upright to 5’, prostrate 2’-3’x6’-10’, (Meditereanean) E 

Gopher Plant: (Euphorbia rigida)*: Zone 7, 1’-2’x1’-2, (Mediterranean) E 

African bulbine (Bulbine frutescens): zone 8, 1’x ? (spreads), (S.Africa) E to H 

Blue Plumbago (Plumbago auriculata)*: Zone 8, 3’-4’x3’-4’, (S.Africa) H 

Leadwort Plumbago (Ceratostigma plumbaginoides): Zone 5, 1’x1 ½’, (Tropical regions of S. Africa), E to H 

Lavender (Lavendula sp.)*: English and French, Zone 5, size depends on variety, (Mediterranean to E Africa) E 

Mystic Spires Salvia (Salvia farinacea x ‘Indigo Spires’)*: Zone 7, 2’x2’, H 

Hybrid Lantana (Lantana sp.): Many are zone 9, size depends on variety. H 

Ground Covers for the Shade

 Common nameScientific nameHeightWidthWaterComments
AjugaAjuga reptans6"-8"8"-12"MediumBlue flowers in spring. Prefers improved well-drained soil. Zone 3.
Mondo GrassOphiopogon japonicusMediumEvergreen, but may be cut back in late winter. Zone 5.
Dwf. Mondo GrassOphiopogon japonicusMediumDwarf variety of Mondo grass. Zone 5.
Leadwort PlumbagoCeratostigma plumbaginoides6"-12"3'-5'Low-Med.Deep blue flowers with green foliage that turns red in cold weather. Herbaceous most winters. Zone 5.
SedgesCarex sp.variesvariesLow-Med.Evergreen and deer resistant. Some varieties tolerate sun. Zones 6-8.
Jasmine, AsianTrachelospermum jasminoides8"-12"2'-3'Low-Med.Evergreen and tough, but not deer resistant.Zone 7b.
Var. VincaVinca major 'Variegata'8"-10"2'-3"Low Deer resistant and evergreen. Zone 5.
Green Vinca VineVinca major 8"-10"2'-3'LowDeer resistant and evergreen. Zone 5. 
PigeonberryRivina humilis1-1.5'2'MediumTX. Native, spreads rapidly. Red berries favored by birds. Zone 7b.
Ivy, EnglishHedera sp.1'3'+MediumDo not allow to grow on tree trunks. Evergreen. Zone 4.
Maple, JapaneseAcer palmatumvariesvariesMediumPalmate and threadleaf varieties. Prefer good soil, dappled shade. Northwest exposure protects from southwest drying winds in the summer. Zone 5-8
Anacacho Orchid TreeBauhinia lunaroides12'12'Low-medDainty leaves look like hooves on this showy spring bloomer. Deciduous. Zone 8.
Buckeye, MexicanUgnadia speciosa12'-20'6'-12'Low-medMulti-trunk tree with pink blooms early spring. Great early nectar source. Zone 7a.
Redbud, Mexican Cercis canadensis var. 'mexicana'10'-15'10'-15MediumShiny, wavy leaves are smaller than Texas Redbud. Deciduous. May be multi-trunk. Zone 5. 
Redbud, TexasCercis canadensis var. 'texensis'15'-20'15'-20'MediumShiny leaves and dark purple blooms adorn this tree. Deciduous. Requires good drainage. Zone 5.
Dogwood, RoughleafCornus drummondii10'-15'15'-20'MediumThicket forming Dogwood with white spring flowers and white berries in the winter. Purple fall color. Zone 3.
Viburnum, Rusty BlackhawViburnum rufidulum15'-20'10'-15'MediumGood understory tree. Prefers deep, well drained soil. Good red fall color. White flowers in spring and red fruit. Deciduous. Zone 5b.
Persimmon, TexasDiospyros texana12'-20'8'-12'Low Very drought resistant tree with attractive exfoliating bark. Deciduous. Female trees have small black fruit which attracts wildlife. Zone 8
CrossvineBignonia capreolata6'-10'+LowSemi-evergreen vine, attaches with tendrils. Orange tubular flowers attract hummingbirds. Zone 7a.
Star JasmineTrachelospermum jasminoides20'12'-15'MediumEvergreeen twining vine with fragrant white flowers in May-June. May not bloom well in full shade. Zone 8.
Coral Vine, Queen's WreathAntigonon leptopus20'10'LowHerbaceous vine, attaches with tendrils. Hot pink blooms late summer to fall. Zone 8. 

Perennials for the Shade

 Common nameScientific nameHeightWidthWaterComments
Chinese Ground OrchidBletilla striata2'2'MediumThis terrestrial orchid does well in moist, humus-rich soil in dappled sun. The purple spikes emerge in early spring. Protect blooms from early freezes. Herbaceous. Zone 8.
Columbine, RedAquilegia canadensis1'-2'1'-2'MediumTX. Native. Prefers moist, well drained soils. Zone 5.
Columbine,Tx. GoldAquilegia chrysantha var. 'Hinckleyana'1'-2'1'-2'MediumTX. Native. Prefers moist, well drained soils. Zone 5.
Elephant earAlocasia, ColocasiavariesvariesMediumMany different varieties. Check winter hardiness.
Hardy Red AmaryllisAmaryllis x Johnsonii2'2'MediumThis red-blooming Amaryllis is more tolerant of clay soils and cold than other Amaryllis. Flowers usually precede leaves in the spring. Clumps may be divided and reset in the fall. Zone 8.
HostaHosta sp.variesvariesMediumRequires improved soil. Zone 5.
Lenten RoseHelleborus sp.1'1'LowPrefers good organic, well-drained soil. Zone 4.
Lily of the NileAgapanthus sp.variesvariesMediumRequires well-drained soils. Late spring bloom. Cut flower stalk after bloom. Zone 5b.
Lily, CrinumCrinum sp.variesvariesMediumGrow well in either dry or boggy soils. Perennial bulb. Zone 7a.
Lily, SpiderHymenocallus lirisome1'-2'1'-2'MediumTX. Native. Large 7" fragrant flowers. Cut back in late winter. Zone 7. 
Liriope, Lily TurfLiriope Muscari12"-18"12"MediumThere are many cultivars of Liriope, which are excellent ground covers and border plants. Some are variegated and hold up well in the shade. Blue flowers appear in the summer. Zone 7.
Mist Flower, Blue ShadeEupatorium coelestinum2'-3'3'-4'MediumAttracts butterflies. Cut back in late winter. Likes moist, well-drained soils. Zone 6.
OxalisOxalis crassipes1'1'MediumMany varieties with different colored leaves and flowers are available. These grow from tiny bulbs and thrive in rich, moist, well-drained soil. Zone 4.
Peruvian LilyAlstroemeria pulchella2'-3'2'-3'MediumThese Peruvian lilies are related to the Alstroemeria found in florist shops, but are more easily grown in Texas as long as you have partial shade with moist, rich soil. Zone 8.
Ruellia, Katie's DwarfRuellia brittoniana8"-1'1'MediumSpreads by seeds and runners. Attracts butterflies. Zone 8.
Sage, CedarSalvia roemeriana1'-2'1'-2'LowTX. Native. Red blooms in spring to early summer. Zone 7a.
Sage, TropicalSalvia coccinea2'-3'1-'-1.5'MediumTX. Native. Re-seeding annual. Zone 9.
Shrimp PlantJusticia Brandegeana3'-4'3'-4'MediumCut back in late winter to 6". Zone 9.
Sweet VioletViola odorata6"-12"6"-12"MediumViolets prefer a rich, moist, well-drained soil high in organic matter. Their bloom period is late winter to early spring. Although evergreen to Zone 6, they may go dormant in our hot summers, resuming growth in the fall. Zone 6.
Texas BetonyStachys coccinea1'-1.5'2'-3'LowTX. Native, low growing with red blooms, attracts hummingbirds. Cut back in Feb. Zone 7.
Turk's capMalvaviscus arboreus var. 'Drummondii'2'-6'3'-5'LowTX. Native. Height is variable depending on conditions. The red blooms attract hummingbirds. Cut back in Feb. Zone 8.

Shrubs for the Shade

 Common nameScientific nameHeightWidthWaterComments
Cast Iron PlantAspidistra elatior3'-4'3'-4'LowGreat for dry shade. Will not tolerate sun. Zone 7.
AgaritaBerberis trifoliata3'-6'3'-6'LowTX. Native, fragrant yellow flowers early spring, red berries great for wildlife. Zone 6.
American BeautyberryCallicarpa americana4'-6-6'MediumTX. Native.Cut back in late Feb. to encourage compact growth and more berrie production. Deciduous. Zone 7.
AzaleaAzalea sp. variesvariesHighRequires acid soil prep, or grow in pots. Zone 4-6.
BoxwoodBuxus sp. variesvariesLowVery adaptive, deer resistant. Many varieties available. Zone 4-5.
Camellia, JapaneseCamellia japonicavariesvariesMediumUpright growth on glossy evergren foliage. Large blooms in winter. Prefers acid soil. Zone 7-9.
Camellia, SasanquaCamellia sasanquavariesvariesMediumSmaller leaves and flowers than C. japonica, but has more blooms. Prefers acid soils. Zone 7-9.
Dwarf Yaupon HollyIlex vomitoria 'Nana'3'-4'3'-4'LowEvergreen, deer may browse, but just keep pruned. Zone 7.
Elbow BushForestiera pubescens4'-6'4'-5'LowTexas Native, deciduous. Great cover for wildlife. Zone 7.
Fern, AutumnDryopteris erythrosora18'-24'30'-36'MediumCopper colored new growth changes to green on this evergreen fern. Zone 5.
Fern, FoxtailAsparagus meyerii18"-24"2'-3'MediumUnique pointed, cone-shaped branches. Semi-evergreen in warm winters. Herbaceous in cold winters. Zone 9.
Fern, HollyCyrtomium falcatum18"-24"2'-3'MediumGlossy evergreen leaves resemble holly leaves. Remove old leaves as they fade. Zone 6. 
Fern, RiverThelypteris kunthii2'-3'3'Med-HighRequires moist soil, rich soil. Zone 8.
Ginger, VariegatedAlpinia4' 4'MediumTropical look. Technically Zone 10, plant in protected site.
Gold Dust AucubaAucuba japonicaMediumTropical look. Provides contrast in color. Zone 7b.
Hydrangea, Endless SummerH.macrophylla 'Bailmer'3'-4'4'-5'MediumRequires good soil, blooms on new wood and old. Zone 4.
Hydrangea, OakleafHydrangea spp.4'-6'4'-6'MediumRed fall color, white flowers late spring. Zone 5.
Japanese AraliaFatsia japonica6'-8'6'-8'MediumTropical look with large leaves. Zone 8.
Japanese YewPodocarpus macrophyllus10'-20'3'-4'LowRequires excellent drainage. Easily pruned to maintain shape. Zone 4.
Leopard Plant, GiantFarfugium gigantea3'-43'-4'MediumTropical look with large "tractor seat" shaped shiny leaves. Zone 7. 
Lily, Var. FlaxDianella tasmanica1'-2'1'-2'MediumGreat contrast with dark green plants. Zone 8a.
Mahonia, 'Indigo Flair'Mahonia confusa 'SP9-3-018'3'-4'3'-4'MediumEvergreen foliage with rounded habit. Yellow flowers and blue fruit. Zone 7
Mahonia, 'Leatherleaf'Mahonia bealei4'-8'3'-4'MediumUnique foliage, prefers moist, well-drained soil but will tolerate heavy clay. Zone 7a. 
Mahonia, 'Marvel'Mahonia x media 'Marvel'6'4'MediumUpright growth on unique evergreen foliage. Yellow flowers and blue berries. Zone 6.
Mahonia, 'Narihira'Mahonia confusa 'Narihira'3'-4'3'-4'MediumFern-like, evergreen leaves. Yellow flowers and blue fruit. Zone 7.
NandinaNandina sp. variesvariesLowVery adaptive, deer resistant. Many varieties of varying heights available. Zone 6.
Philodendron, SplitleafPhilodendron selloum6'-10'6-'8'MediumMay freeze in cold winters. Plant in protected area or in pots. Zone 10.
Viburnum, CoppertopViburnum odoratissimum 'Coppertop'8'-10'5'-6'MediumBetter in part shade, as it needs sun for copper color in new growth. Zone 8.
Viburnum, SandankwaViburnum suspensum6'-8'6'-8'MediumRequires good soil, easily pruned. Great dark green backdrop for variegated plants. Zone 8a.