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Trees Chilling Hours Pollinizer Ripening Period Description
Hall’s Hardy 800 Semi-self fertile September Best for cold areas, hard shell, pink bloom. Pollinates Texas Mission
Texas Mission Almond 500 Semi self fertile September Hard shell, white bloom. Pollinates Hall’s Hardy
Granny Smith 400-600 Yes Late September – Early October Bright green apple with pink blush. Excellent for eating, cooking, and sauce. High juice content and stores very well.
Mollies Red Delicious 400 Yes Late August – Early September Firm, sweet, juicy, light yellow flesh of excellent quality. Well-adapted to mild minter areas.
Honey Crisp 800+ yes Late Sept Meduim to Large, scarlet red over yellow. Crisp and juicy
Red Delicious 800 yes Sept-Oct Medium to large, deep red apple with juicy flesh. Mild and sweet.
Winesap 8-900 yes Sept-Oct Use Granny Smith and Red Delicious as pollinizer.
Gala 500 Partial Self-Pollinizer Late July – Early August Top-quality, crisp, sweet apple. Gold skin with red blush. Will take summer heat. Plant more than one for better production.
Fuji 350-400 Yes Early to Late September Dense, sweet flesh, crisp with long shelf life. Medium reddish-green skin. Will take summer heat.
Anna 200-300 Self-fertile, pollenizer recommended Mid-June Heavy producer of medium to large sized, red-blushed apples. Sweet, slightly tart, crisp, creamy flesh. Stores well.
Harcot 700 no Mid June Late bloom, frost resistant, large yellow-orange fruit.
Goldcot 800 no Early July Freestone, yellow orange skin
Moorpark 600 no June July Large Brownish-Red skin, rich flavor
Early Golden 5-600 no July-August Freestone, orange gold skin with orange flesh
Bruce 500 Yes Early June Large red plum which requires a pollinator.
Burgundy 350 self fertile July Maroon colored skin,semi-freestone. Prolonged harvest.Productive.
Morris 800 yes late May-early June Small to medium fruit, juicy red sweet flesh. Good pollinizer.
Stanley Prune 750 yes early September Abundant crops of oval shaped purple fruit, golden flesh.Freestone.
Methley 250 Self-fertile Late May – Early June Small to medium size with a mottled purple peel and juicy red flesh with sweet flavor.
Santa Rosa 400 Self-fertile, pollenizer recommended Late June Large, oval fruit with purplish-red skin. Firm flesh, yellow to dark red near skin. Rich, pleasing, tart flavor.
Spring Satin 750 yes Late May Apricot meets plum. Any plum can pollinate.Red skin, golden flesh.
Fantasia 5-600 no Late July-Aug. Good resistance to frost. Freestone.Red fruit, yellow flesh.
Chocolate <200 no October – November Sweet, spicy,firm brown flesh. Astringent til ripe. Choice of cooks.
Fuyu <200 no November Sweet,mild, never bitter. Heat tolerant. Needs well drained soil.
Hachiya <200 no November
Austin 150-200 no October Large friut with pink skin, high juice content. Sweet with hint of tart.
Granada 150-200 no August Mutation of Wonderful-darker fruit,less tart.
Bing 7-800 yes Early-mid June Large dark mahoganyfruit. Sweet, firm and juicy.
Black Tartarian 7-800 yes Late June Medium sized purple-black sweet cherry.
Early Richmond 700 no June Early ripening,juicy bright red fruit for cooking and canning. Sour.
Montmorency 9-1000 no Mid June Compact tree bears high yields of ripe tangy red cherries.
Bartlett 800 Yes August Most popular pear. Large pear with yellow skin and sweet flesh. Excellent for eating, canning, or cooking.
Kieffer 400 Self-fertile October – November Large yellow fruit blushed with crimson. White, juicy, crisp flesh. Does well in hot climates. Fire blight resistant.
Moon Glow 400-500 Yes Early August Resistant to fire blight. Large fruit with sweet, soft, juicy flesh for fresh use or canning. Productive, spur-type tree.
Orient 350 yes August Normally bears after 4 years. Large, excellent quality.Self sterile.
Hosui Asian 400 no September Tangy fruit, blight resistant.Heat tolerant. Self-pollinating.
Shinko Asian 450 Self-fertile Mid-August – Mid-Septmeber Fire blight resistant. Medium to large fruit has an excellent, rich, sweet flavor. Stores well.
A&M Golden Zest 600 Self-fertile Late June Traditional acididty. Firm yellow flesh. Clingstone Peach.
A&M Royal Zest Four 600 Self-fertile Mid to late June Large fruit,”peachy” flavor. Freestone.
A&M Royal Zest Three 550 Self-fertile Early-Mid June Meduium to large, tangy and sweet.High quiality firm flesh. Red skin. Freestone.
A&M White Delight Three 700 Self-fertile Late June Low acid, sweet flesh, firm high quality peach. Clingstone
A&M White Delight Four 700 Self-fertile Early July Low acid, sweet flesh, firm , high quality and flavor. Good for canning and fresh eating. Clingstone
Sam Houston 500 Self-fertile June Yellow fleshed freestone with good quality and flavor.
Red Globe 850 Self-fertile Early to mid August Large round freestone. Firm yellow flesh, excellen canning peach. Trees vigorous and productive.
Belle of Georgia 850 Self-fertile Late July – Early August White flesh, freestone, very sweet, low acid.
Elberta 800 Self-fertile Late July – Early August Freestone, large, yellow-flesh, very sweet.
Harvester 750 Self-fertile Late June Freestone. Medium to large. Resistant to bacterial leaf spot. Acidic, good quality peach with sweet yellow flesh.
Loring 800 Self-fertile Mid-July Large, yellow skin and flesh with red blush. Flesh yellow, firm, melting, an extremely good flavor. Resistant to bacteriosis.
Redskin 750 Self-fertile Early August Large, freestone peach. Skin is deep red over yellow. Yellow flesh with firm texture. Resistant to bacteriosis. Excellent quality.
La Feliciana 400-500 Self-fertile Late June – Early July Freestone. Medium to large peach. Dark red blush on skin. Frim flesh with excellent texture and flavor. Yellow flesh with red specks.
Brown Turkey N/A Self-fertile August through frost Medium to large fruit with purple brown skin. Sweet strawberry colored flesh. Best eaten fresh.
Celeste N/A Self-fertile August through frost Small to medium fruit with purple brown skin. Flesh white with rose center. Firm, juicy, and very sweet. Most frost resistant variety.
Arapaho N/A Self-fertile Mid-June Thornless variety. Disease resistant with a long shelf life. Fast grower. Sweet flavor.
Natchez N/A Self-fertile Mid-June Thornless variety, large berries that store well. Semi-upright.
Apache N/A Self-fertile Mid-June Thornless with very upright canes. Very large fruit. Excellent flavor.