December Gardening Checklist

-There’s still time to plant Bluebonnet seeds for spring blooms-as a bonus, plant Larkspur and Poppy seed, too. They will be great deer-resistant color for the spring!

-Winterize your lawnmower after you mow your lawn for the last time. Empty the gas tank and run the engine until there is no gas in the lines. Change the oil and take to the repair shop if needed before they get busy!

-Sharpen garden tools to prepare for winter pruning and planting.

-Pruning of Live Oaks and Red Oaks should take place before February 1st. The adage is “February through June, do not prune!” The Nitidulid beetle is active during February through June, and can spread the Oak Wilt Fungus. Paint all wounds immediately after making the cuts!

-Plant winter-hardy trees, shrubs, roses, groundcovers and vines now so they will be well established before the temperatures get hot.

-Fertilize winter bloomers such as pansies, snapdragons and alyssum monthly. Use Nelson Plant Food “Color Star time-release granules for hassle-free fertilization.

-Cut back any herbaceous perennials that have frozen back. Mulch the roots of any that may be root-tender such as Pride of Barbados, Plumbago and Esperanza.

-You may cut back Ornamental grasses that have gone dormant now, but leave them alone if it is not necessary. They can add winter color and texture to the garden now, and then be cut back in late February.

-Water everything well before a freeze to protect against cold injury.

-Cover tender plants with N-sulate fabric to avoid freeze injury. Be sure to anchor the cloth to the ground (to capture heat from the ground).

-Plant color-bowls with pansies, violas, dianthus and snapdragons for cool season color for porches and decks.

-Plant Lettuce, Radish and Spinach from seed or transplants. Protect from hard freezes with row cover (N-sulate fabric)

-Plan for fruit trees to be planted in January. Decide which varieties you want and where you will plant them. Be sure to consider extra space for those that need pollinators.



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