Pecan Cracking Guide to Success

To ensure your satisfaction when bringing pecans to us for cracking please take the following into consideration:


We prefer no native pecans or round pecans– We will still crack native or round pecans, but due to their size and shape they don’t come out as beautifully cracked as a normal size pecan. They tend to get more beat up in the process. You will get pecan pieces but not very many pecan halves.


Sort your pecans by size and variety – When cracking pecans we set our machine to a certain pecan size. To ensure uniform cracking, you will need to sort your pecans BEFORE your bring them in. If they are not sorted, then you will experience the larger ones being cracked but the smaller ones will fall through and not get cracked. Pecans that are too small will be carried into the cracker two at a time, one will be smashed and the other will not be cracked at all.


We can’t crack pecans with green or black hulls still attached. Typically, if a pecan falls and still has the green hull attached then it is a bad pecan.

Make sure the pecans do not have tiny holes in them. This is a sign of weevils and the pecan is most likely infected and ruined by the weevils.

Make sure the pecans are free of sticks, rocks, leaves, shucks and pecans with the shucks still attached. All of the above will potentially break the machine. Please make sure the pecans are as clean and debris free as possible.