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B – February Gardening Checklist

VEGETABLES: All the crops mentioned in January may be planted in February as well. Onions should be planted before mid-month.  Seed Swiss chard, carrots, turnips and radishes directly into the garden. Cover seedlings during hard freezes. The cool-season greens, lettuce, spinach, mesclun greens and mustard greens should be planted early in the month from seed. Potatoes are usually planted around President’s Day.  Choose varieties such as Kennebec or Red Lasota. Cut seed potatoes into sections with at least one “eye” per section. Lay them out to dry in a shady spot. Shaking [...]

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K – November Gardening Checklist

Trees and shrubs: The best planting season for trees and shrubs is now through mid-March. Root systems will establish well in the winter months, requiring less frequent watering than in the spring and summer establishment period. When the heat hits in late spring, your plants will benefit from the “head start” on root establishment! Mulch: Trees and shrubs will benefit from an additional layer of mulch to protect their roots in the winter and to conserve moisture. Pull the mulch away from trunks and stems, as the mulch will block [...]

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